Villa Rosa (writing with Pechan prisms)

Villa Rosa (writing with Pechan prisms)


160 × 65 cm / 62.99 × 25.59 in

Photo: Alessandra Sofia

Unique exemplar



My mother says she wants to pull me out /of this shit and gets me an appointment with the neuropsychiatrist at Villa Rosa / Forghieri / I go / he orders me one hundred ten milligrams of mianserine / I obey before going to bed / everything spins if I lie down now / precautions when pulling yourself out of the shit: / may cause drowsiness, do not operate motor vehicles / or perform other tasks requiring mental alertness / I go back to Villa Rosa – ask for Forghieri / who asks me if I am convinced and serene / about this thing of the glasses / convinced, yes – serene I’m not sure / ‘serene’ reminds me of a pond / Forghieri is: specialist in mental illnesses and disturbances / consultant for workplace health and insurance companies / member of the international hypnosis society / hospital administrator / psychotherapist / a megalomaniac – a squadron / like many beings in one who watch me and laugh / then they watch me again and write and I look at them and think / that Professor Forghieri laughing / upside-down seems very sad / I tell him I don’t want to flip out / he asks what I mean by ‘flip’

English translation by Steve Piccolo

1997: Roberto Cuoghi / Alberta Pellacani, Spazio Aperto, GAM – Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, Bologna

2006: EGOmania: Just When I Think I’ve Understood… / Appena ho capito d’aver capito…, Galleria Civica di Modena and Palazzo Santa Margherita – Palazzina dei Giardini, Modena