This is the official website of Roberto Cuoghi (born September 23, 1973, Modena, Italy)

The Roberto Cuoghi website lists the works recognized as authentic by the artist’s studio.

The locations of some of them are no longer known.

Note to collectors

Roberto Cuoghi ’s Retrobalera Studio is working on the issue of new Certificates of Authenticity to replace the ones previously given out by the Galleria Massimo De Carlo, Lehmann Maupin Gallery and Galerie Chantal Crousel.

The new certificates should accompany the artworks if they are sold or their ownership transferred by any other means, as they are the only official documents attesting to their authenticity.

Anyone owning a work whose location is no longer known or who wishes to receive a new certificate is kindly requested to email us at

The website continues to gather images, references and other material on works by the artist in private and public collections. 

For some works there are no adequate photographic reproductions.
If the work in your possession is not reproduced on this site, we would be willing to take new photographs of it at our own expense.

All information associated with the ownership of artworks listed in the web archive is strictly confidential.